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    Energy saving ship fleet into the best choice for the future
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    Shipbuilding breaking news reports, recently a part of maritime industry who believe that the shipyard introduced energy saving means of the ship just eager to get orders to take it, but recently the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) analysis, environmental benefits will eventually ship owners, this analysis is being the industry's concerns.

    BIMCO in a recent report that the latest environmental construction costs compared to mid-sized tankers older tankers 25% higher, but the long-term perspective, the owner can save 15% of fuel costs, while the cost of the entire ship, the fuel costs account for most, and therefore it is ultimately the owner can get benefits.

    Said lead researcher Peter Sand, considered the best choice of energy saving for the next generation of ships from the fleet in terms of revenue.

    BIMCO has more than 120 member companies, who share 65% of the world merchant market, which has analyzed the authority of BIMCO's certainly been the industry's concerns, the importance of energy saving ship will be more improved.

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