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    Respirator inflator pump
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    1) Equipped for air breathing apparatus
    2) Running stably, less noise
    3) Compact design, 30Bar Air inflator pump

    Air breathing respirator air bottler Air inflator pump


    1)   The WG20-30J air compressor carefully designed and manufactured for filling 20MPa-30MPa pressure air cylinders.

    2)   This is a kind of high-pressure air inflatable equipment available for breathing air. The device has a small size, light weight, easy maintenance, and friendly at moving and operation

    3)   Output air non-toxic, odorless. Suitable for filling high pressure air displacement and small and medium-sized gas station


    1) Well-designed specifically for small and medium sized users;

    2) The operation is simple, convenient, and less prone to failure;

    3) Designed for filling the air available for breathing;

    4) Guarantee inflatable gas pure health, no the oil tasteless displacement, high-pressure air filling quickly;

    5) Practices can be achieved without power, and to facilitate the field work;

    6) Small size, light weight, easy to move quickly;

    7) Cost-effective, economical and practical.


    1)   Filling station can be used for fire brigade divers base inflatable station,

    2)   mine, oil field chemicals, ship, climbing, water sports center industry for human rescue,

    3)   fire fighting, rescue, underwater operations breathing gas filling is ideal in rescue equipment.

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