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    Emergency Escape Breathing Device(EEBD)
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    Product description :    

      Air Compressed Emergency Escape Breathing Device has two types: 2.2L 21Mpa cylinder and 3L 21Mpa cylinder. It supplies 10 or 15 minutes of constant flow air separately. It can be used to escape when the person is under the environment with noxious gases, harmful gases, smoke or lack of oxygen. It is applicable mainly for the driver’s, cab, engine room, bunk area, recreation room and vertical place of the ship. And it is applicable for other similar dangerous space also .Products are CCS certificate and EC certificate

    2. Characteristics
      1.THDF series urgent breath equipment has the characteristics of small volume, lightweight. It is simple to operate and easy to use. It can be taken by hand, carried over shoulder or put on the neck by all kinds of user.
      2.THDF series urgent breath equipment can provide constant flow air. The cylinder is filled over 400L air, and comfortable for breathing to the user.

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