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    Fire explosion-proof lamp
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    DF-6 type Portable Explosion-proof Electric light

    Shell material chooses ZDL-102 aluminum alloy die-casting molding,and coated wiht good protective lacquer layer.Lamps shell seal no hole,the dry reed pipe and

    stong magnetic switch structure,ensure explosion proof performance.

    Lamps have safe screw,to ensure that in flammable and explosive place open lamps and lanterns.

    The lamps is widely used in ship customs,ports,airports,public security fire control,frontier armed police and dangerous goods truck and other places.


    DF-6 Portable Explosion-proof                                                                 Electric

    light with dry cell type

    Rated Voltage:7.2V/0.5A
     Charging time:more than 3h
     Explosion-proof class:IP65
     Max range:300M
     Battery:Dry battery

     DF-6 Charging type I Portable
    Explosion-proof Electric light                              
      Rated Voltage:7.2V/0.5A
     Charging time: 8hours
     Using the time:more than 8hours
     Explosion-proof class: IP65
     Temperature resistance:-200C---+500C
     Max range:300M
     Battery:Charing type

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