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    Mobile long tube respirator
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    Product description:
     Type: RHZKF4 x 6.8/30, RHZKF2 x 6.8/30,RHZKF2 x 9/30
    mobile for air features:
    1.  mobile for air has unique brakes
    2  mobile source may affect the narrow space
    3.  mobile source of work for the longest can reach 50 metres
    4.  mobile for air body does not rust, adopts 304 stainless steel
    5.  mobile for air can quickly region.then replace cylinders, do not affect gas supply
    For  mobile source product description:
    mobile for air components: stainless steel strollers, carbon fiber cylinders, gas pipe, pressure-relief device, supply valve and the comprehensive cover.through components
    mobile for air configuration:
    mobile for air by: 4 or 2 carbon fiber cylinders (optional 6.8 litres, 9 litres of cylinder configuration)
    1.  mobile for air can simultaneously for two using, ensure long time homework mobile source can change in time for air, do not affect work, effectively save time
    3.  mobile for air medium-voltage catheter standard configuration: including leading pipe length 40 meters, the two branches catheter length each 10 meters
    4.  mobile for air medium-voltage catheter presidents can according to demand extended to 90 meters, gas supply still comfortable smoothly
    5.  mobile for air high-pressure hoses between the soft connection, avoid accident, prevent effectively by reckless collision or friction of joint damage
    6.  mobile for air big flow output pressure reducing valve, ensure adequate breathing flow
    7.  mobile for air stainless steel material is qualitative cart, enhance the corrosion resistence
    8.  mobile for air unique stainless steel foot brake devices that can be static in 30 degrees tilt the ground
    9 for  mobile source conform to the standards: Q/SHBY01-2007 "mobile long tube respirator

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