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    Electric supply air respirator
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    Product description

    electric supply type long tube respirator,Preventing dust respirator function
    Specifications 610X490X400,  Weight 15 (kg)
    Material box adopts 304 stainless steel, plastic, tasteless, import hose;Electric supply long tube scuba is to use small blowers shall conform to the fresh air in the air quality standard by avirulent insipidity long tube supply users. Is a kind of protecting human respiratory system security protection equipment.

    Power: 180W 220V alternating current
    FZSFHXQ long tube supply air respirator instructions
    A, usefulness and use scope
    This product belongs to homework type respiration protective fittings, mainly used for defense inhaled harmful gas and dust, smoke pollution such as material, and effectively offset hypoxia hazards. For chemical, petroleum chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, MeiQiChang, city building underground construction industries, in the inspection a tower cans, underground construction work environment, used for worker breath protection.
    Second, tectonic
    Long tube supply air respirator by: total cover, belts, long pipe, the ventilator is composed.
    Three, characteristics
    1. The product is through ventilator continue to give workers provide fresh air respirator,
    2. No time limitation.
    3. Because blowers constantly facial providing air, so the face always maintain than atmospheric pressure high pressure (low pressure). Thus when using due to appear a little bit of micro mistakes, facial mask and appear airtight between the place with bad also won't appear to place leaky phenomenon. Therefore, harmful gases can not enter the mask inside;
    4. This product using AC 220V power.
    Four, function method
    1. The supply air type long tube mask before use must check all interface, and may not appear loose. Lest air-leaks and harm user's health.
    2. Please insert mask end of the proper length hoses first through the safety belt on the withholding, tighten belt, make long tube fixed on their girdles, prevent towing when wear masks influence.
    3. Check the machine air-tightness, With the hand sealed insert blowers end joint inspiratory, feeling good air-tightness blow-hole illustrate mask. Insert ventilator hose outlet, at the same time open, fresh air blowers for user input mask breathing.
    4. Ventilator before use should be realized reliable grounding.
    5. After each use should be mask, ventilation tube and its attachments is wiped clean, and will long tube dish into storage bins. Storage keep dry and ventilated place environment, avoid hot.
    Masks and organic solvents contact lenses do not, lest damage. Another should try to avoid collision and friction, lest scratch lens surface.
    Men were wearing masks should be beard before scrape, lest affect mask wear beard tightness.
    Long tube masks should by special custody, check regularly. Found that the problem should be timely maintenance, when necessary, replace the damaged other components.
    Five, the technical parameters

    Supply air flow: > 100L/Min
    Air pressure: > 1000Pa
    Leakage rate: < 0.10
    Power rating: 180W
    Rated voltage: 220V

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