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    Fire fighting clothing
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    Clothing Construction:

    Including JACKET & Braced TROUSERS

    Jacket Material: Composite cloth with fire resistant layer, waterproof and breathable layer, heat protective layer, comfortable layer

    Reflective band; American 3M company
    Color: purplish blue
    Application: used for protection for firemen at the time of extinguish fire and rescue.

    1. Fire Resistance Performance:
      Damaged Length≤10cm
    Continued Burning Time≤2s
    2. TPP(heat protective performance)≥28cal/cm2
    3. Weight≤3.5kg/set
    4. Breathable capacity ≥ 5000g/square meter 24h  
    5. Anti-static water-pressure ≥ 17000Pa
    6. Size: XL, L, M, S

    It is comply strictly with the China standard GA10-2004 and ZGZ-ZPJY-001 , by national fire-fighting equipment quality surveillance test center

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