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    Fire chemical protective clothing
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    Product description :
    RFH-01 fire fighting chemical protective clothing is specially designed for fighters to protect them-self from being damaged by chemical substances when in fire spot or in accident spot.
      RFH-01 Clothing will not getting flux and dropping only carbonization. Sewing to the use of frame-resistant and adhesive strong the Nylon, with both-sides being covering with chemical protective and fire-resistant rubber. Both-surface chemical resistant rubberized fabrics, then process it into the clothing and gloves in glue of laminating then combine with a chemical protective and fire-resistant and spike-resistant of boot to make up a set of clothing.
     1. Specification dimension
    SIZE             S            M              L            XL
    Suit body(cm) 165-170 170-175 175-180 180-185
      2.Requirement of main technical:
     (1)main rubberized fabric
     Thickness of cloth: 0.45±0.05mm
     Breaking strength: ≥450N/5cm(warp and filling)
      Tear strength: ≥32N
    Acid resistance: It soak in 80%H2S04,60%HN0330%HCL for 1h.(liquid highly 10mm)It is not permeate.
    Alkali resistance: It soak in 6.1 mo1/LNa0H for 1h,(liquid highly
    10mm) It is not permeate.

    Products are    CCS certificate and EC certificate

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