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    Diving Equipment
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    Diving Equipment


    Bring open air loop single tube bites mouth dive equipment is light, diving equipment, scuba by biting, nose and mouth half mask, air cylinders, pressure reducing valve, foot wet suits, scuba diving, lead Web press, widely used in the diving tourism, aquaculture, fishing, underwater, underwater rescue, etc.

    Name: Manner wetsuit combination with other accessories

    Weight: 32 kg

    Maximum depth: 50 m

    For the environment: temperature 5 degrees warmer waters;

    Description: This package is Manner wetsuit combination with other accessories with a professional range of accessories.

    Good warm waters greater depth diving environment, widely used recreational diving, fishing, hull raking, bottom deck maintenance, fish farming, fishing and hunting underwater, underwater rescue, underwater search and so on.

    Note: The outfits without lead weights, if necessary, please contact the owner!

    1. Professional diving suit

    2. Professional diving mask

    3. Professional magnetic control diving flashlight

    4. Professional diving pressure gage and alarm whistle

    5. Professional diving helmet

    6. Professional diving gloves

    7. Professional diving socks

    8. Professional diving knife

    9. 12L Spare cylinder

    10. Professional belt

    11. Professional diving fins

    12. Professional BCD garments of buoyancy

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