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    Comprehensive cover gas mask
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    full face breathing gas mask                    Tube type gas mask            Filter Self-rescue Respirator

    Product description

    Filter Self-rescue Respirator
    1. Main Technical Specifications (accord with the ministry of public security standard GA209-1999)
    1. Protective time: type40≥40min, type60≥60min.
    2. Inhalation resistance :< 800pa, Exhalation resistance <300pa.
    3. Oil mist permeability coefficient :< 5 %.
    4. Object of protection: Carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocyanic cyanide (HCN), poison smoke and fog etc.
    2. Applications
    This kind of respirator is an essential personal poison-gas-protecting respiratory apparatus if a life emergency happens in hotels, office, buildings, department stores, bands, posts and telecommunications, power industries, public entertainment places or dwelling housed
    3. Points for Attention
    1. This product can be used only once, it can’t be used for work Protection, just for personal escape and self-life-saving.
    2. This kind of respirator can’t be used in the atmosphere with less than 17 per cent oxygen.
    4. Operation
    (1) Open the cover; take out the vacuum package bag;
     (2) Tear the vacuum package immediately, and pull out two plugs of the front and back side;
     (3) Wear hood on head and fasten it with its string;
     (4) Choose right way then escape decisively and quickly.

    XHZLC40 Fire Smoke Mask
    Protective Time
    Object of Protection
    Inhalation Resistance
    Exhalation Resistance
    CE  and
    the Ministry of Public Security standard GA209-1999
    ≥40 min
    Carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrocyanic acid (HCN), poisons smoke and fog and so on.
    XHZLC60 Fire Smoke Mask
    ≥60 min

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