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    Fire Preventing Suit
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    Product description:

    fireman’s protective suit is made of new fireproof fibre and aluminium-plated film composite according to the requirements of SOLAS1974 that is amended in 1981. It is characteristic of radiation resistant of heat, fireproof, heat insulation, waterproof insulation softness, high strength, corrosion resistance and dissolution residue resistance to all kind of acid, alkali and organic solvent. The product has been tested and certificated by the marine inspection of the people’s republic of china, that it can be used for fire fighting on the ground as well as for maring fire fighting. It is good for fireman as protective equipment.Products are CCS certificate and EC certificate

    Main Technical Property
    Consist: each suit consists of helmet, jacket, trousers, gloves, socks and shoes.
    Reflectivity of cloth: wavelength at 400-1000mm, total reflection is 70%; diffuse reflection is 40%.
    Fireproof of cloth: carbon length<100mm/
    Tearing strength of cloth:>1000g/cm
    Peel strength of cloth:≥12N/50mm
    Water resistance of cloth; without being seeped or broken under 2m of hydraulic pressure
    Heat insulation property: the inner surface temperature≤45℃ when taking a period of time about 2 minutes at the temperature of 850℃ and at the distance of 1.75m from the fire source.
     Insulation property: testing voltage>5000v at palm position of the glove
     Viewing angle: >120°
     Height of fireman: 1.6~1.8m

    Expiry date:three years

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