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    Self-igniting buoy light and orange smoke signal
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    Lifebuoy Self-igniting Lights and Self-Activating Smoke Signals

    Products Description

        Characteristics: This product complies with relevant requirements of SOLAS 74/96、LSA stipulation and it is MSC.218(82) amendment and MSC.218(70) lifesaving equipment standards .It is accredited by CE certificate issue by Germanischer Llyod AG, approved by China Classification Society (CCS) and the Register of shipping of the People’s Republic of China.
        It is used to indicate the position of lifebuoy at sea at day and night
        Main technical parameters: 1) Luminous color: orange; 2) Burning time: ≥15min;  3)Luminous intensity:≥2cd;  4) Duration of lighting: ≥2h; 5) Ambient temperature for use and storage: -30℃~+65℃; 6) Validity: 3 years.

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