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    Highly fuctional diving computer
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    Highly fuctional diving computer


    1. optional wireless transmission
    2. extensive memory functions
    3. stylish design


    This diving computer is heipful for the divers to measure

    depth,time and temperature.

    It can be aslo used to measure the tank pressure and calculates for how many minutes the diver has left with the current air consumption.

    Technical Specifications


    · Altitude adjustment

    · Ascent rate monitor/alarm

    · Ascent time display Up to 199 min

    · Audible alarm

    · Deep Stops

    · Dive planner

    · Full decompression data

    · Log book memory

    · Maximum depth alarm

    · Maximum depth display 100m / 328ft

    · Operation mode Air

    · Operation mode Free

    · Operation mode Nitrox

    · Operation mode Watch

    · Personal adjustment

    · Temperature display

    · Wireless air integration Optional

    · Dive time in seconds and minutes In free mode

    · Lifetime history Freedive

    · Lifetime history Scuba


    · Battery power indicator

    · Low battery warning

    · User-replaceable battery

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