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    Family Fire "four treasures"
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    People know that the fire is relentless. However, in the face of relentless fire, if we can effectively prevent, you can escape Huomo infringement, to get rid of disaster and suffering.

    In front of the family fire, and some people lost their precious lives were; Some people Huangbuzelu, jumping killed or cause permanent disability. So, how do Huomo chase in leisurely effective escape it? I think that might be ready at home so four "treasures": a home with a fire extinguisher, an (Insurance) rope, a flashlight and a simple smoke mask for the required case and emergency prevention.

    Any fire, the beginning of all small fire extinguisher if the home ready and able to manipulate it, and then when a spark ignited, it can be promptly extinguished. When the fire once out of control, we must first consider the escape. At this point, if you live in the 3rd floor, staircases blocked, or wooden stairs were burned, in this case, if the family has a long, thick rope, the rope can be tied or CABINET window frames, climbing along the rope down, be able to successfully escape. Not long ago, Guangxi Road Shanghai residents fires occurred in the case of the stairs totally destroyed, and an elderly couple at home just to have a rope, the old couple by this rope to escape life. And the next one without a rope, only four people to escape two people. Night fire, after the circuit burned, the house was dark, especially in his sleep, is not yet clear how it happened, the home is a sea of fire. At this point, you need a flashlight, illuminate an escape route. Fire smoke is toxic, and many of those killed were suffocated by smoke, and if the home with a gas mask at a critical juncture, put on gas masks, can resist the invasion of noxious fumes and survived.

    Home with these four things, put them readily merit, met critical juncture, can be useful, to help you a lot.

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