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    Know extinguishing common sense?
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    A solid water type fire should, foam, phosphoric acid amine salt powder, Halon fire extinguishers to fight the blaze.

    2, the liquid should be fighting fire with dry powder, foam, Halon, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

    3, the gas fire should be put out first with dry powder, Halon, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

    4, charged object should be to fight fire with Halon, carbon dioxide, dry powder fire extinguisher.

    5, metal fire fighting extinguishing equipment shall be designed and local public security fire department supervision department negotiated settlement, there has not been a regular type of fire extinguisher products.

    6, the use of fire extinguishers and fire fighting methods can refer to "fire extinguisher use

    Note: Halon extinguishers containing mainly C, F, Cl, Br, due containing F, compounds Cl, etc. into the air would seriously damage the ozone layer is a well known fact that it has stopped the international Halon fire extinguisher production, and gradually being replaced.

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