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    Out of the Fire Precautions
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    Out of the Fire Precautions

    In recent years , the masses go public , increasing tourism and other activities , to ensure fire safety when you are out , the police prompts you to note the following:

    First, double-check before traveling home fire , candles and other open flames are extinguished ; gas valves , electrical switch is turned off , especially after a power failure to promptly cut off the power and then go out , to prevent accidents after power ;

    Second, public places , such as the opening of a large number of staff overcrowding situation that may arise , and try not to enter the site , but can not stay long ;

    Third, hotel accommodation hostels go , pay attention to the safety exit in advance , the setting of the stairwell , the fire evacuation routes and facilities ;

    Fourth, do not enter the construction side of the business side of public places ; do not get involved while preparing fireworks and balloon release celebration premises ;

    Five , less than evacuation routes , emergency lighting and other fire-fighting facilities do not meet the requirements of video halls , dance halls, recreation halls, cafes , bars , shopping malls and other places ( especially the basement ) entertainment, consumer ;

    Sixth, do not go out to smoke in public places , but can not flammable or combustible materials in place of smoking , special attention not to smoke in bed , drinking and smoking or throw cigarette butts ;

    Seven places in the mountains do not have to carry the fire , use of fire , not a picnic fire in the mountains , to prevent forest fires ;

    Eight , do not ride without carrying dangerous chemicals travel and other modes of transport , find someone else to bring a timely reminder to stop ;

    Nine , dangerous chemicals and other dangerous leak , do not crowd the scene ;

    Ten, at night smelled gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline and other unusual odor , a timely view , but Do not use an open flame lighting ;

    Eleven , did not forget the child's custody at any time , remember to let the children away from fire ;

    Twelve , taking into account earthquakes, lightning, arson, container explosion and fire spread , such as when near fire, rescue and self-help issues ;

    Sudden disasters XIII event of fire , etc., should take the safe evacuation of personnel for the purpose , do not covet possessions rush into the fire scene to extract money and goods ;

    Fourteen , after a fire , you should choose the right way to escape quickly . Close doors and windows should not escape when waiting for rescue , but do not easily jump off , do not use ordinary elevator escape ;

    Fifteen , trapped alone in case the fire scene , do not forget to use all the tools you can use the phone as well as clothes , whistles , flashlights and other timely issued a distress signal to the outside world .

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