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    Home fire must not blind window
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    Home fire must not blind window

    Home how to deal with fire accidents ? Early how to control the fire ? How to avoid the spread of fire ? These are the focus of public concern. Fire department , said the police, are the focus of self-help , but found not blindly window after the fire , it is easy to overlook all common sense .

    The fire department said that after the discovery of fire if the blind windows, easy to form an air convection , resulting in the spread of fire spread , causing serious consequences . The majority of fires are due to discovery is not timely or untimely early fighting caused huge losses. At 23:20 on January 6, 2006 , Cross Street, Nangang District 153 residents of the home of the child's improper use of electric stove ignited combustible materials around the spread of fire , resulting in three deaths and one injury.

    The initial fire fighting ten points:

    Before 1 To shout after a fire and quickly dialed "119" fire call , and sent to the intersection greeted fire engines, fire engines arrived at the scene , should try to fight the blaze.

    (2) Do not blindly open doors and windows , to avoid air convection , resulting in the spread of fire spread ;

    3 extinguish flames local materials , such as sand or use a fire extinguisher , blankets, quilts and other simple items covering fire fighting ;

    4 timely organization personnel fighting with washbasin , buckets pass water, or use a wall outlet floors fire hydrant ;

    5 movable objects on fire, depending on the circumstances will be moved to an outdoor fire extinguishing goods ;

    6 pan fire, can not be used in irrigated pan fire , they should immediately put out the fire , rapid fire with a lid ;

    7 gas stoves fire, should try to close the valve or with clothes, blankets and other after flooding cover cover fire, and quickly shut off the main valve ;

    8 fire at nearby combustible materials should be promptly transferred to a safe place ;

    9 appliances fire , first turn off the power , then fire ;

    10. Television , computer on fire , first turn off the power , with blankets, quilts fire when a man standing on the side , to prevent the tubes burst wounding.

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