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    Home fire safety knowledge
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    Home fire safety knowledge

    A home fire safety precautions :

    1, do not throw cigarette butts and cause a fire.

    2 , household appliances to be checked before use , after using power, eliminate hidden dangers.

    3 , pan fire , cut off the source of fire , cover the pot .

    4 , the family fireworks set off to pay attention to safety .

    5, Kaohuo heating, stove , furnace or place flammable items around .

    6 , urging kids not to play with fire , matches and lighters to charge well.

    7 , the use of gas, etc., find the leak , do not turn on the lights , phone calls, use of fire to quick closing valve , open windows for ventilation.

    8 , each family should be equipped with a small fire extinguisher , fire extinguishers , etc.

    Second, the home fires self-help measures:

    1 , do not waste time dressing escape , looking for valuables to take on .

    2 , used towels , masks Mongolian nose, with irrigated body , creeping forward.

    3 , timely use of staircases , balconies , downspouts and other self-rescue .

    4 , when threatened by the fire , to put wet clothes , bedding , etc. go out to the safe exit direction .

    5 , the case of a fire can not take the elevator or escalator .

    6 , the fire hit, the door has been hand touch feeling hot , you can close all windows and doors to prevent smoke infiltration , waiting for the arrival of rescue personnel .

    7 , on fire , local roll or press with heavy clothing fire seedlings.

    8 , all fire escape routes are blocked , go back to the room, promptly sent a distress signal .

    9 , be sure to pay attention to security export orientation in order to flee the scene as soon as possible .

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